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If we can learn to deal with our discomfort and just relax into it we'll have a better life. - Mellody Hobson -

- Speaking & seminars -

Are you looking to educate, motivate and inspire the audience at your next event or conference? Here's a list of the topics covered at my speaking engagements:

Work Culture Integrity
  • The Intertwine between Ineffective Leadership & Established Code of Ethics
  • What to do About Unacceptable Workload
  • How to Better Engage Leaders, Teams, and Employees
Team Issues
  • Setting Up Mutual Accountability
  • How to Resolve Conflict Between Goals
  • How to Tackle Poor Collaboration
Group Compatibility
  • What to Do About The Lack Of Critical Thinking
  • How to Engage Strong Participation

- Team seminars -

AJH The Coach's Leadership + Motivational Seminars are exceptional, stimulating and relevant to today's professional. Uniquely categorical and designed to help articulate broader perspectives and discover untapped possibilities within the extensive range of human relationships, both personal and in the workplace.

Our seminars are:

  • Transformational + Empowering
  • Intentionally broad-focused, primarily addressing: Multi-faceted Vision Individual Potential Common & Uncommon Challenges
  • Have impacted participants to create and maintain higher standards of thinking and living

Seminar features:

  • Constructed and designed for convenient scheduling
  • Available On-Demand
  • Breakfast and lunch schedules include a One-hour presentation with a 20-minute Q&A slot and 10-minute reservation scheduling
  • 3-hour workshops in both seminar categories are also available: - These workshops are much more engaging and provoke bigger-thinking focus.