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Do not wait for leaders; do it alone,
person to person. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies - Mother Teresa -


Aiding non-professionals and professionals in navigating relationship troubles, marriage issues, financial hardship, and career changes from an individual perspective.

what to expect

Whether undergoing hardships, feeling stuck, lost, unhappy, in a rut, or scared, or all of the above, life can be difficult. I'm here to help you navigate through life. Coaching is not a question and answer session where therapy, consulting or advice handouts are given. Rather, it's the ability to guide you into a deeper understanding of integral human development and allow you to arouse the sleeping giant within you.

Like a roadmap, life has scenic routes, expressways and highways. At some point, the need for skilled navigational support will be necessary but the ultimate decision is in the hands of the driver.

Coaching is not leading an individual or determining their life direction and/or their choices. Unlike other relationships that are geared towards ‘hands on’ changing of individual lives, coaching guides the individuals to recognize the change that is necessary for personal empowerment and earned celebration of satisfying goals improving patterns of behavior and transforming lives.

Coaching is done in one-on-one sessions, in person, Skype or by phone, usually twice a month. The duration of the coaching relationship depends on the situation and desired goals.

Our process


We define the objectives and outcomes for the engagement.


We define an objective, comprehensive picture of the current situation and build a plan with a coaching schedule.


During the coaching sessions, the client learns how to use the coaching insights to empower his/her actions and decisions


Usual Engagements

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What people are saying

“Arlene values her relationship with people and is incredibly invested in keeping her word. Arlene has demonstrated the outstanding character trait to persevere, making genuine progress so good things happen. She is steadfast, growing and moving forward striving to see progress in life. Even failures are considered part of a training plan. Arlene trends toward perfection.”

- Susanne Oatmeyer -

“Arlene Hoffman is a woman pleasant to describe. She is as strong as she is tender. She is as wise as she is teachable. She is also as quick witted as she is patient. She is an eloquent orator and a keen listener, taking in as much as she gives.”

- Maria Rodriguez -