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The Attractive Side of Survival

Last update on May 12, 2017.

The Attractive Side of Survival

One of the most fearful experiences is falling without having anything to grip.  What intensifies that fear is not having any idea how long it will take to actually reach bottom.  If you have never had to deal with this scenario, I invite you to encourage your interest, simply because this might be an actual experience for you at some point.

Putting a profile to this scenario, let’s imagine you are perhaps an over 60 female, possibly single or widowed, educated and have served society with vibrant impact.  However, you are now being placed in a category that has no vibrant keynote and has reduced your potential and forcing you to begin closing an era that you don’t really want to let go of. Sounds familiar?

The fear of slipping into stagnancy or falling without a visible grip has become a serious awareness among Baby boomers between the ages of 60-71, specifically female.  These women are experiencing harsh challenges as they support the idea of reskilling themselves for continuing impact.  Receptivity in the workplace for highly skilled older women has decreased.  So, what are some of the challenges that would drive them into high-gear tenacity and make them overcomers of a not-so-silent war that's worth fighting?

Although this article is on conquering personal challenges and continuing to influence and make a difference, the reality of age and gender biases in the workforce and in general is extremely common.  The commonality between facing a discriminatory workforce and social system and defying these ugly circumstances successfully, are definitely correlated. Statistics on aging demographics show that 1 in 3 Americans in 2017 are the age of 50 or older; and by 2030, 1 in 5 will be in an age category of 65 and above. Data also shows that women are increasingly outliving men and more likely to be widowed with fewer years in the workforce. 

These statistics have awakened my attention to the severity of an issue that I, by default am a part of.  Being an affirmed believer in invoking all the qualities of my authenticity, I wanted to use my own life as an example and share my ideology and action points on the attractive side of survival.

My short story presents a pintsized female baby boomer, with a stable decision to utilize every ounce of my ability.  This might seem an unattainable feat, but it evolved during a drastic season in my life, which eventually resulted in widowhood and some unattained aspirations.  After a hurried personal evaluation of my age, gender and singleness, I went to war with some supersized giants that wanted me to believe ‘my end had come!’  I confronted each ugly circumstance and came up with what I dare to label the ‘Attractive Side of Survival’. 

This 3-Step survival package is a result of combining statistic, ability and possibilities in a successful collaboration that has worked for me as well as countless others who are facing comparable supersized giants and need reputable navigation. If you are ready to confront and conquer, then these uncomplicated powerful steps are essential.

3 Steps To Reviving Your Purpose:

Step 1 - Recognition is the master key to action:

Once the desire to revive unused skillsets and be reequipped for action is recognized, there is no need to collect a variety of gadgets and complex information.  The most important acquisition in reviving your purpose is:

  • Realigning your present circumstance with your past successes
  • Exercising undoubting confidence
  • Creating energy that produces uncompromised commitment 

Step 2 - Engaging in Meaningful Investment:

Our pursuits are successful when we are intentionally engaged in the process. Our best ideas are often preserved in a mental block of ice.  We recognize the potential but delay utilizing them for inexcusable reasons. However, the most successful investment is the one that's made objectively:

  • Investigate and utilize the most productive options
  • Blend the very best of your social skills with resourceful networking activities
  • Generate an atmosphere of high demand for your skills 

Step 3 - Empowerment & Transformation:

Empowerment and transformation are the visible results in the successful conclusion of every endeavor.  They are the intangible energy that is contained in the overall fulfillment of purpose and is attributed to:

  • Critical thinking
  • Inspirational motivation
  • Honest evaluation and confident acceptance of process and results

Life in general is not a 3-Step survival packet.  However, defying systematic and circumstantial giants in our lives are personal decisions, made by individuals who want to make a sustainable, attractive difference as they continue to live in a society where only the strong survive.

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