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Persevering Women In Leadership - Who are they?WHY does the...

Last update on Dec. 30, 2016.

Persevering Women In Leadership - Who are they?WHY does the...

Persevering Women In Leadership - Who are they?

WHY does the subject of women in Leadership still present itself as a primary point; oftentimes, triggering static conversations and itchy debates?  Will it ever go away? My question is, why should it? If this subject still irritates stubborn mindsets and incarcerates the progress of women, then it should remain a subject of primary importance until God’s purpose is acceptably identified.

Women are natural connectors born to be nurturers and find no difficulty in identifying with pain, passion or purpose. For this reason, powerful spaces should be made to connect and enrich their environments. The purpose of this introduction is to provoke bigger thinking and highlight the significant contribution of women throughout time without prejudice or gender bias.

My Story started as far back as I can remember.  My fascination for learning new things and embracing the unfamiliar was obvious as I welcomed any change that involved new challenges and bigger learning.

Leading my own parade and learning to take charge with fearless ease came naturally having lost my parents at a fairly young age. I innocently, but bravely, assumed a take-charge role without placing any real importance on gender identity.  I developed a foundation of independence with feminine grace, charming respectability and a keen sense of awareness for anyone and everything in my space.

What provoked my bigger thinking was the importance of the present and what needs to be done now.  Utilizing what I have and working towards what I want has become my greatest measures of success.  I have learned that skillful processing is the path to great accomplishments and is a necessary tool in the power of perseverance.  It has been an arduous journey but perseverance has built my confidence and given me a satisfying view of my destination thus removing the temptation to abort my purpose.

The key question in ‘My Story’ is, have I been given a powerful space to connect and enrich my environment?  Below are the discoveries that continue to serve in the skillful processing of my pursuits as a ‘Persevering Woman in Leadership’:

Knowledge without understanding can become a useless tool in the journey of life
Taking ownership of the space you are in will incite interest and draw a curious audience
Setting and exceeding your own bar of excellence is the key to unimaginable opportunities
Confidence must precede expectation so you can take charge of what you’re given
Commitment without integrity is dishonoring to any position
Bottom lines and backseats are for building strategies and perspectives, not creating insecurities
Gifted leaders are not identified by the status of positions but by the credibility of performance
As a woman in leadership, my continuing quest is to enrich my environment through skillful professional coaching, biblical perspective teaching and motivational speaking.  I am convinced that relentless pursuit is a powerful track in any mission and I aim to complete my mission on that track.

Arlene Hoffman is a Professional Coach living in the United States. She owns AJH The Coach, an organization passionately investing in professional and non-professional individuals desiring to maximize their potential but find themselves vulnerable to abort ‘important key decisions’ in the midway process. Helping individuals fulfill their life purpose and navigate life authentically and creatively.

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