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Last update on Sept. 14, 2016.


    It is a genuine pleasure, privilege and honor to share my relationship with Arlene as testament to her character personally and professionally.  Arlene values her relationship with people and is incredibly invested in keeping her word.  Through many years of friendship living in Miami, sharing the joy and challenges of life, Arlene has proven rock solid and a keeper of her word.  We have traveled overseas together on mission trips where Arlene had oversight of the missions team.   I was present when difficult decisions were necessary and Arlene exhibited these values.

    I am a retired teacher from the Dade County School System with over 33 years in public and private education.  I have experience with students, parents, school administrators (both public and private), as well as financial aspects of establishing a before and after county school program.  This provided a wealth of experience working with diverse individuals in a myriad of activities.

    Arlene has demonstrated the outstanding character trait to persevere, making genuine progress so good things happen.  She is steadfast, growing and moving forward striving to see progress in life.  Even failures are considered part of a training plan.  Arlene trends toward perfection.  She listens to take healthy steps forward, not accepting discouragement in shortcomings but treating day-to-day relationships as a lifetime of training in godliness.

    Patience and gentleness are invaluable virtues Arlene possesses.  Again, I have observed these first hand through projects, ministries, and mission trips as well as personal, social and professional interaction.  She is a stabilizing force during times of uncertainty, always leading by example. Her positive attitude and cooperation at various echelons of organization produce efficient and thorough completion.

    Arlene does live her life as an investor in people.  Winston Churchill is quoted:  “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”  She is super engaged in seeing people empowered and fulfilling God-

Susanne Oatmeyer

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