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Last update on Sept. 14, 2016.


Arlene Hoffman is a woman pleasant to describe. She is as strong as she is tender. She is as wise as she is teachable. She is also as quick witted as she is patient. She is an eloquent orator and a keen listener, taking in as much as she gives.

This sounds like a confounding and complicated person at first glance. Someone may read that and feel intimidated.

I have known Arlene for over 5 years. I have known each of these facets of her character and am equally fascinated by each distinct part. I have relied on her strength through challenges and difficulties. She has coached me through self discovery, always guiding me to find my own inner strength. She has been a gentle comforter, encouraging me when I have felt cornered or hopeless.
Arlene has seen so much, yet continues to live life fully and forward. As much as she already knows, and even though she could teach most of the subjects she studies, her humility takes her wisdom to a “whole nother level”. She is quick to reference her knowledge. She gives credit where it is do.
Arlene is professional, treating even the smallest of collaborations with the same acumen she would a multi-national conglomerate. She can put together a business plan or teaching curriculum with a snap of her finger. She is always thinking and listening, even when she is speaking.
Arlene is also personable and loving. She knows how to make a distinction and turn off the business side. She is easy to connect with. I always feel understood when spending time with her. I feel heard. I also feel like I’ve  grown. She is the kind of person I feel honored to be around.
Arlene is someone I admire without ever feeling beneath her. She is a treasure to me.
She is a sister, a mother, and a mentor. She is my sismator.

Maria Rodriguez

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