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Managing A Disciplined LifeI had a dream years ago that...

Last update on Sept. 6, 2016.

Managing A Disciplined Life

I had a dream years ago that completely changed my perspective on the reasons for and the effectiveness of discipline.  For me dreaming usually takes place vividly and more often during my energetic awake times.  Not this dream however, which happened between the space of deep sleep and my phone-alarm wakeup.

I dreamt I was blazing the speedway trails at primo speed in a racecar.  And, although I was way ahead of the other drivers I was an obvious hazard, simply because my speed lacked professional skill, ethics and insight.  I hugged the corners of the track unskillfully much too close to the outside wall and was potentially headed for danger.   Not only to myself but the drivers headed towards me.  I recognized that a decision needed to be made and there was no time for deep contemplation.  I quickly strategized a pullover in the limited space between the track and the outside edge and this had to be done as quickly as my next breath.  It happened! I pulled off the track and witnessed the bullet speed racecars whizzing past me with enviable expertise as though the drivers knew all along that they would have to exercise exceptional skill at this particular curve on the racetrack if they wanted to make it to the finish unscathed.

I awoke with clarity and immediate acknowledgement of the revelation I had been given.  The interpretation was uncomplicated.  The blueprint of ‘Zeal without Management’ was obvious, and I somehow knew that this was not only for reflection or documentation but also for real-life implementation.  What developed was a newly formed perspective on recognition and responses and how to take complete ownership of my life-purpose by paying attention to detail and result.  I made a list, which is not exhausting but it is imperative!

  1. What do we do to manage a disciplined life?

Recognition and acceptance are powerful elements in the management of a disciplined life.  Life is a journey of experiences where choices are mandatory.  We can either chose to ignore or process our experiences, which will determine the outcome of either a futile dead end or a successful destination. When we make the choice to process we have utilized a powerful ignition, moving us beyond the start line of recognition to the finish line of accomplishment.

     2.   Who is responsible for determining the management of our lives?

The ultimate responsibility of every individual lies within our own personal choices.  It is important to maintain perspective and vision by confronting the challenges that comes with just being alive. It would be unrealistic to assume that we can accomplish goals and manage life without contending with challenges. Facing challenges with courage and determination allows us to experience the success of maintaining perspective and vision, and gaining insight for managing our lives. 

     3.   Why do we have to manage discipline?

There is a huge difference between sufficiency and excess, and when discipline becomes an excessive regiment the need for wise discernment and realistic management becomes necessary. The purpose of discipline is not to pursue and accomplish life goals with excessive regiments.  The aim is to fulfill your life purpose and not be disqualified.  This requires more that just physical discipline but a discipline of the Mind the Heart and the Will and total reliance on a sovereign God who is the giver and manager of life.    

“I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No my strength comes from God.” Psalm 121:1

Arlene Hoffman is a Life + Executive Coach living in the United States. She owns AJH The Coach, an organization passionately investing in professional and non-professional individuals desiring to maximize their potential but find themselves vulnerable to abort ‘Important-key decisions’ in the midway process. Helping individuals fulfill their life purpose and helping them navigate life authentically and creatively.

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