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Changes that Positively Affect your PerspectiveThere are...

Last update on Sept. 6, 2016.

Changes that Positively Affect your Perspective

There are statements and conversations that are erased from memory either deliberately or naturally because of lack of substance.  Then there are those statements and/or conversations that hold your attention way beyond conversational exchange, like the difference between a Giraffe and a Turtle.  There is nothing complex about recognizing the differences between the two species.  Giraffe’s are unaffected by the constant chatter of turtles simply because of anatomy and habitat.

If we relate the example of the giraffe and the turtle to human relationships and perspectives, it’s easy to recognize that there are people is our lives who deplete our human resources and people who relationally build us up.  If we are built like a giraffe, but surround ourselves with turtles we will eventually be reduced to mental, emotional and spiritual bankruptcy.

Recognition is the master key to progress in every element of life processing.  When we recognize our vulnerability to gravitate to patterns of behavior that lower our perspective, this could be the time to seek a new life-building plan.  Partnering with a skilled Life Coach is a non-regrettable investment for self-empowerment and sustainability.  It might be just the right time to explore the possibilities of developing a giraffe stature.  With that build, it’s hard to lower your perspective or fall short of desired goals.

Arlene Hoffman is a Life + Executive Coach living in the United States. She owns AJH The Coach, an organization passionately investing in professional and non-professional individuals desiring to maximize their potential but find themselves vulnerable to abort ‘Important-key decisions’ in the midway process. Helping individuals fulfill their life purpose and helping them navigate life authentically and creatively.

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